“The entire beverage market is in fluctuation,” says Brian Loughrey, TechniBlend’s Director Sales, Central U.S. “When the pandemic hit, ‘off-premise’ sales really kicked into high gear.”

As Loughery attests, there’s been quite a stir within the beverage industry during the past year as beverage consumption patterns and consumer purchasing habits have shifted. According to Loughrey, beverage producers are going to market with a greater variety of products than ever before in order to meet increased demand.

Product & Process Investments

“Companies are investing heavily in cannabis and THC-infused drinks,” Loughrey explains. “They are marketing healthier, all-natural options, many featuring low sugar and zero calories. Ready-To-Drink (RTD) cocktails are also really hot right now among consumers, as are the many new varieties of coffee drinks on the market.”

The push for new and varied product lines has kept TechniBlend hard at work. Many breweries, wineries and beverage production facilities, both large and small, need improved processes, speeds and capabilities to keep up with demand – and their competition.

And that’s often where Loughrey comes in, helping beverage companies step up their collective production efforts.

“I really enjoy that problem-solving aspect,” Loughrey says. “The group meetings and assessments, it’s all very stimulating work. Helping companies find ways to improve their overall processes, while challenging, is also extremely rewarding. Fortunately, at TechniBlend, we’re also backed by an expert team of engineers, and they’re tremendous at creating the innovative, technical solutions necessary in our fast-paced environment.”

The Perfect Match

After 25 years in the industry, Loughrey has seen his share of beverage trends – and companies – come and go. But according, to Loughrey, he couldn’t have found a better home.

“I’ve been with TechniBlend since September of 2015,” recalls Loughery. “Before that, I came up from the beer industry. I was selling malt, hops and yeast for a distributor, before ultimately working my way into equipment and processing systems. When TechniBlend approached me about helping lead the charge on ProBrew, their new brand extension aimed specifically at the craft brewing crowd, I knew it was a perfect match.”

You can find part two of our conversation with Brian Loughrey and his thoughts on new “LoDO” (low dissolved oxygen) technology HERE. Be sure to connect with Loughrey on LinkedIn, and drop him an email to discuss your company’s specific beverage production needs.