The ProFill V series of Volumetric can fillers are accelerating plant production everywhere. These can fillers run at speeds between 100 – 600+ cans per minute while achieving precise and consistent filling volumes in multiple can sizes for a variety of beverages and liquids. learn more

TechniBlend helps beverage powerhouse move towards RTD production

A global beverage company has kicked off their expansion plans with a $4.5 million investment in comprehensive beverage processing equipment from TechniBlend allowing them deeper penetration into the growing ready-to-drink (RTD) market. learn more

FlashPAS-10 pasteurization system helps Fabrizia grow in competitive RTD market

Fabrizia Spirits in Salem, NH, asked TechniBlend and its sister company, ProBrew, to develop a highly efficient pasteurizing system for their new line of premium, 100% natural RTD canned cocktails. The result was the creation of the new FlashPAS-10, a fully-automated, easy to use, inline HTST flash pasteurizer with integrated ProCarb technology. learn more

TechniBlend’s Brian Loughrey discusses new “LoDO” (low dissolved oxygen) technology and more

As Brian Loughrey, Techniblend’s Director of Sales, Central U.S., takes stock of the current beverage processing landscape, he sees TechniBlend’s ability to evolve as a key differentiator in the marketplace. And new "LoDO" technology is part of that blending evolution. learn more

A look at today’s beverage market with TechniBlend’s Brian Loughrey

“The entire beverage market is in fluctuation,” says Brian Loughrey, TechniBlend’s Director Sales, Central U.S. “When the pandemic hit, ‘off-premise’ sales really kicked into high gear.” As Loughery attests, there’s been quite a stir within the beverage industry during the past year as beverage consumption patterns and consumer purchasing habits have shifted. learn more

Five factors behind the growing RTD cocktail category

The London-based data and intelligence company, IWSR, which tracks worldwide alcohol trends, says the Ready to Drink cocktails (RTDs) category grew 43% in global consumption last year.  Driven by U.S. consumers, the category volume is projected to post +21.8% compound annual growth between 2019 and 2024. learn more

Is 2021 “The Year of the Beverage”?

Every “new year” allows us to take an optimistic view of the possibilities in front of us. Even with the challenges of 2020, some overarching trends emerged as consumers adjusted the way they ate, drank, worked, and socialized. What follows is a perspective on what the beverage landscape might look like in 2021. learn more

Increasing demand of hand sanitizer blending equipment

TechniBlend continues to focus on innovation, technology and engineering by adapting their liquid processing systems in response to the latest industry fluctuations. More specifically, TechniBlend redefined their line of batch blending technology to better meet the needs of customers producing hand sanitizer and other health & personal care products. The demand for hand sanitizer grew quickly through the beginning of 2020, and many store shelves were left barren due to the sudden onset of sales. The recent forecasts show that consumers will continue with the “new normal” by engaging in more vigorous personal sanitization procedures. As of late, hand sanitizer has proven beneficial... learn more