TechniBlend continues to focus on innovation, technology and engineering by adapting their liquid processing systems in response to the latest industry fluctuations. More specifically, TechniBlend redefined their line of batch blending technology to better meet the needs of customers producing hand sanitizer and other health & personal care products.

The demand for hand sanitizer grew quickly through the beginning of 2020, and many store shelves were left barren due to the sudden onset of sales. The recent forecasts show that consumers will continue with the “new normal” by engaging in more vigorous personal sanitization procedures. As of late, hand sanitizer has proven beneficial due to its greater accessibility over soap and water.

Producing hand sanitizer is not a complicated task, but precise and consistent blending throughout each batch is necessary to pass FDA regulations and create a quality consumer product. Many alcohol-based versions of hand sanitizer often contain some combination of isopropyl alcoholethanol (ethyl alcohol), or n-propanol, with some hand sanitizers containing anywhere from 60% to 95% alcohol. Additional compounds such as glycerol may be added to prevent the dehydration or drying of skin. Non-alcohol based hand sanitizers typically contain an ingredient called benzalkonium chloride or triclosan, but these can be less effective than alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Whichever ingredients are selected, the combination of wet and dry ingredients can be flammable and must be explicitly regulated to ensure safety for the producer and guarantee product integrity for the end user.

TechniBlend has worked with several companies over the past few years to blend high quality, ethanol-based and non-ethanol based hand sanitizers and other personal care products. The TechniBlend TB-200 line of batch lending systems offer significant and precise blending control of both wet and dry ingredients commonly found in hand sanitizer. Utilizing patented injection and dispersion technology, specialized powder mixing pumps, high-accuracy mass flowmeters, Allen Bradely PLC Controls for minimal human interaction and exact recipe control, and the ability to perfectly blend an unlimited amount of ingredient streams, TechniBlend’s line of batch blending systems are the industry-recognized solution for the hand sanitization and health & personal care industry.