Every “new year” allows us to take an optimistic view of the possibilities in front of us. Even with the challenges of 2020, some overarching trends emerged as consumers adjusted the way they ate, drank, worked, and socialized. What follows is a perspective on what the beverage landscape might look like in 2021:

  • Hard Seltzers – With more than $4 billion in annual sales, the future continues to look bright for this fast-growing category. According to IWSR Drink Market Analysis, annual hard seltzer sales are predicted to triple by 2023. Flavors, health and wellness benefits and ABV levels are just some of the differentiators to watch for in 2021.
  • RTD Cocktails – There isn’t a clear line between where RTD starts and Hard Seltzer stops, so this category sometimes combines the two segments; however, the momentum of RTD cannot be denied. Even with customer confusion being a potential hurdle, unlimited cocktail recipes and combinations to draw from suggest that RTD will gain even more momentum this year.
  • Teas, Kombucha & Flavored Waters – Functional beverages with a known tip-of-the-hat to wellness will continue to push new flavors in 2021 that will do everything from boost your mood to tingle your palette.
  • Craft Brewing – It is hard to find a beverage segment more impacted from COVID-19 than the craft beer market. While sales and distribution in cans saw a spike, the eventual return of on-premise sales and emerging new styles will be drivers for the category in 2021.

Whether carbonated or non-carbonated, alcohol-based or non-alcoholic, these and other innovative new products can benefit from the latest TechniBlend innovations. We look forward to working with beverage makers throughout North America as we continue to be a part of our customers’ success throughout 2021 and beyond!  Please contact us for more information on our innovative systems, services & technology.