At TechniBlend, we supply companies in the beverage industry with high-quality, technologically advanced liquid processing equipment ranging from blending and batching systems to carbonation to packaging lines and everything in between.

Our growth has been driven by providing innovative technology & equipment to Fortune 500 TechniBlend customers like Boston Beer, Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

Our Ready-To-Drink beverage processing solutions include these latest and greatest technologies like our FlashPAS inline HTST Flash Pasteurizer, Ingredient & Alcohol Batching & Blending systems, Deaeration technology and ProCarb inline carbonation!


HTST Flash Pasteurization

Quickly and effectively pasteurize your RTD beverages with TechniBlend’s line of newly redesigned, fully automated FlashPAS inline HTST (High Temperature, Short Time) Flash Pasteurizers.

FlashPAS systems range in speeds from 5 gallons per minute with a dedicated hold time, to 10 – 30 gallons per minute with optional triple hold times and integrated ProCarb inline carbonation technology for RTD producers to achieve precise and repeatable results with a range of beverage styles.

TechniBlend is backed by over 150 years combined engineering & manufacturing expertise to offer the best equipment & solutions to the beverage industry.

Batching & Blending System

TechniBlend’s latest Batching & Blending system is designed to quickly and easily batch and blend 3 streams of product utilizing our patented injection and dispersion components alongside high accuracy mass flowmeters.

Allen Bradley PLC controls offer precise batching & blending of ingredients with integrated ProCarb inline carbonation technology.

TechniBlend is backed by engineering & manufacturing expertise to offer the best equipment & solutions to the beverage industry.

RTD Cut Skid

Backed by the technology, expertise, and know-how of over 150-years combined experience, TechniBlend released the RTD Cut Skid capable of processing 5,500 gallons of 95% ABV ethanol at speeds of 2 – 3 hours or less.

The RTD cut skid allows beverage producers to meet the OSHA’a Class 1, Div 1 regulations by cutting the ethanol to less than 40% ABV allowing for indoor storage before beverage production.

Integrated centrifugal pumps and E&H Promass flow meters achieve precise, 0.1% blending accuracy.

Inline Carbonation

ProCarb inline carbonation technology is based on extensive research & development, and the science of how gasses like CO2 and N2 are absorbed into liquid. ProCarb combines this know-how with world-class control technology into a reliable, easy to use carbonation and nitrogenation system.

The line of ProCarb inline carbonation technology quickly carbonates and nitrogenates 5 – 50 gallons per minute with optimal gas dispersion that virtually eliminates room for unwanted dissolved oxygen. PLC controlled digital flow meters allow for accurate injection ratios with increased CO2 or N2 utilization and precise and repeatable results.

The ProCarb inline carbonation systems reduce carbonation times by over 500% while adding cost savings with a smaller footprint.