TechniBlend offers a wide variety of continuous stream and batch blending systems utilizing our patented injection and dispersion components alongside high accuracy mass flowmeters for precise blending of ingredients in unlimited streams. Allen Bradley PLC Controls offer exact recipe control and high-quality, repeatable results that save you time and money.

TechniBlend batch blending systems offer quality control with specialized powder mixing pumps for precise timing and injection management of dry ingredients commonly used in personal care & industrial chemical blending for hand sanitizers and more

TB-200 Blending Systems

The industry-recognized TechniBlend TB-200 series blending system is an innovative and technologically advanced liquid blender designed to blend a wide ratio of water and syrup into finished beverage by measuring Brix or Blend Ratio in real-time.

TechniBlend’s TB-200 was developed from the ground up to address key issues facing today’s beverage producers, such as:

Key Features & Benefits
  • Reducing change-over time.

  • Increasing product yield.

  • Minimizing operator involvement and responsibility.

  • Improving accuracy and product quality.

  • Increasing system reliability and maintainability.

  • Delivering industry leading energy and water conservation

The TB-200 incorporates many of TechniBlend’s exclusive technologies into a simple and reliable CSD (carbonated soft drink) processing system. The system is available with integrated deaeration, product cooling, in-line carbonation, CIP On-Demand, and many other TechniBlend process solutions and options.

LoDO Technology

Introducing the All-New LoDO

Low-Oxygen Syrup Deaeration

TechniBlend is pleased to announce the All-New TB-200 Series beverage blender with TechniBlend’s patented Low Dissolved Oxygen (LoDO) technology.

The new LoDO technology delivers carbonated or non-carbonated, diet or sweetened finished beverages to the down-stream filler with incredibly low Dissolved Oxygen (DO) levels. Proprietary “no foam” technology greatly increases product surface area prior to filling, easily allowing external gasses to displace the oxygen, achieving reliable and consistent DO (Dissolved Oxygen) levels of < 0.5 ppm.

The low Dissolved Oxygen levels provide beverage producers with many new advantages, such as: extended product shelf life, reduced foam at the filler, higher filling speeds, the ability to run warmer temperatures, and easily exceed can manufacturer’s DO requirements.

Combined with TechniBlend’s industry leading Blending, Inline Carbonation, Spray Deaeration, CIP On-Demand™ and best-in-class customer service, the New TB-200 Series with LoDO Technology is the perfect solution for leading beverage producers.