One of the top wine and spirits producers is quickly expanding into the ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage market, and they’re using TechniBlend’s superior equipment and technology to do it.

The global beverage company kicked off their expansion plans in the summer of 2021 with a $4.5 million investment in beverage processing equipment from TechniBlend that will allow them to produce a brand-new line of canned RTD cocktails from start to finish.

Comprehensive systems & technology

The beverage giant purchased a custom-designed TechniBlend Ingredient & Concentrate Batching System and a TB-404, 4-Stream Blend System. The combination of these TechniBlend systems is well known in the beverage industry for its precise ratio control and variable speeds that generate continuous production at a high rate of speed.

The beverage company followed up their new batching & blending systems with other key pieces of RTD equipment engineered by TechniBlend including a Membrane Deaerator, Flash Pasteurizer, and two CIP OnDemand systems.

TechniBlend will test every system in their all-new facility before shipping the equipment, which is set to be delivered at the end of Spring 2022. Following installation, the TechniBlend team of service professionals will initiate onsite training and startup of each system, ensuring the customer is running at peak performance.

Why choose TechniBlend?

This is a first-time partnership for TechniBlend and the global beverage maker, who were introduced by a mutual business partner.

Several factors sealed the deal, including TechniBlend’s proven reputation for professionalism, reliability, and commitment to customer success on similar projects with other large scale beverage manufacturers. TechniBlend’s high-quality beverage processing systems offer customers improved production speed and efficiency; superior systems and service; and a more consistent final product.

At TechniBlend, we’ve proven our capabilities in service to Fortune 500 beverage companies through our innovative technology and equipment. Contact us to help your company expand into the ready-to-drink market with industry-leading beverage systems and solutions.