As Brian Loughrey, Techniblend’s Director of Sales, Central U.S., takes stock of the current beverage processing landscape, he sees TechniBlend’s ability to evolve as a key differentiator in the marketplace.

As Loughrey explains it, TechniBlend never mirrors what other manufacturers are doing. Instead, the company is always pushing the envelope in the fields of carbonation, blending, filtration and deaeration.

“TechniBlend is constantly innovating,” says Loughrey. “And that’s a good thing! By that I mean, once we develop and debut a new or improved technology, it’s back to the drawing board to see how we can make it even better.”

New LoDO technology is changing the game

As beverage companies seek to increase profits through new products and improved means of production and distribution, TechniBlend engineers have been refining the ability to deaerate syrup prior to blending it with deaerated water. And according to Loughrey, it’s opened up yet another avenue toward improving the production quality for his customers.

“Our latest blending equipment featuring new ‘LoDO’ (low dissolved oxygen) technology can blend anywhere from 2–14 product streams while maintaining industry-low oxygen levels,” explains Loughery. “Not only does this reduce foaming during packaging, it also increases product quality and shelf life. Our LoDO technology can really be a game-changer.”

Technical evolution is the key

As beverage manufacturers eagerly diversify their product offerings to appease consumer demands, Loughrey believes it’s going to be critical for them to continually reassess their production capabilities as well. Keeping up in an ever-competitive and dynamic industry demands it.

Loughrey concludes, “Sometimes it’s not easy to tell where creativity is going to take you, and the beverage industry, while maintaining its core staples, is always reinventing itself. Fortunately, TechniBlend will be right there to help make it even better.”

You can find part one of our conversation with Brian Loughrey HERE as he touches on current trends in the beverage production market. Also, be sure to connect with Loughrey on LinkedIn, and drop him an email to discuss your company’s specific beverage production needs.